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Sun Protection All Year Long!

Posted on February 17th, by ascstaff in Blog. Comments Off on Sun Protection All Year Long!

With spring approaching a little earlier than usual, sun protection has been on my mind and I wanted to share with you an article I have written so you can be informed about protecting your skin safely.

We are so fortunate to have so many outdoor activities available in our area all year long, but before you grab your sunglasses and head outside, don’t forget to protect your skin.

If you go to the drug store or supermarket you need to be prepared to face the wall of sun protection products that are available.  How can you decide which one is best?

The sun gives off two kinds of rays:  UVA and UVB rays.  Dermatologist believe these rays cause wrinkles, tissue damage and skin cancer.  UVB rays affect the top layers of the skin and are responsible for sunburn.  UVA rays affect the … Read More »

New Services…YOU want em!

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Hello Friends!  We ‘heard’ that you were up for some indulging…celebrating…the amazing you that you are.  So, we have added some incredible lucious services just with you in mind.  We are on an aloe kick here at Advanced Skin Care Center and Spa; think Aloe~the new black.  So basic, so timeless, so hot.   And, who says no to a 4 handed Tandem Massage?  We would love to see you soon, our blue velvet couch awaits!


This powerful combo will detoxify, hydrate, soothe, and refresh not only your skin (the largest organ) but your entire being.  Dry brushing will promote a healthier you by stimulating and increasing skin cell production, increase blood flow and circulation, and enhance detoxification through the skin.  The highest quality aloe vera will be used for the massage to enhance the purification … Read More »