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The Chemical Peel deal

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Chemical  peels are the modern day gold standard to great skin care.

But what are they exactly?  Chemicals on your face?  No, they are not harsh synthetic ingredients applied to your delicate skin to ‘burn it off’. They don’t even need to hurt if done properly. 


Chemical peels are treatments using natural ingredients, like extracts from sugar, willow bark, almond, milk, mushrooms, etc.   When  these extracts are placed on your skin a reaction occurs called a proteolitic enzyme decomposition.  This is when the dead skin is removed from the living skin.  The “acids” digest and dissolve the dead proteins and oils that bind the dead skin to the living skin.  Once the dead skin is removed…this process stimulates your body to make new skin cells!


There are two types of peels that you may have heard of.  An Alpha and a Beta … Read More »

Perfect IPL treatment Weather!

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What an amazing summer filled with so many sunshiny filled days.  If you are anything like me, you spent many long endless days at the beach or just soaking up the sunshine and fresh mountain air here in the Mount Washington Valley.  All that said…your skin may be in need of a little attention.  If you notice that sun damage, in the form of brown spots, creeping out on the face, chest, or anywhere; an IPL treatment is such an effective treatment.

Brown Spots (Sun Damage)

Sun damage can be treated safely and easily with the use of new IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology.  Where before you were forced to use expensive bleaching creams which were time consuming and often yielded disappointing results, now IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments can often remove hyper-pigmented spots in just one treatment!

Prices vary, depending on area … Read More »

Beyond Complex C…we LOVE THIS!!

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Hello everyone, Kelley here from Advanced Skin Care today, and I could not help but share with you my latest favorite Hylunia product!  I hope you are all enjoying an amazing early summer here in the valley, or  hope you are coming up soon for a visit, and can plan to stop in while you are in town.

Alright….you know how nuts we are about Hylunia products, but this Beyond Complex C serum, is the BOMB!  We recently had an in house training from the professionals at Hylunia and I learned that this is Hylunia’s number 1 seller and most sought after product.  Hmmm, I thought, I love all of their other products, and I’m not using their number 1 seller?  I saw incredible before/after pictures and heard the claims that this one of a kind breakthrough formula stimulates cell renewal, … Read More »

Spring Alive with Jane Iredale!

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Hello!  Looking for a great way to jazz up your spring look?  Just wanted to share this great Jane Iredale video highlighting one of our favorite new products, the Rose Dawn Bronzer, just a bronzer, no way….it’s for eyes too!  We also carry the Jane Iredale ‘Tantasia’ to kickstart your glow and the full line of Jane Iredale Cosmetics.  There are several Jane Iredale products that contain sunscreen in them, like their lightweight pressed power, tinted moisturizer, and tinted loose powder.  Stop on in and see which one is for you!


Have a great day, more soon from your friends at Advanced Skin Care Center and Spa!

Be well, Carrie

Why We Love and Proudly Carry Hylunia!

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Hello!  Thanks for checking in with us at Advanced Skin Care Center and Spa!  All of us at Advanced Skin care love sharing with YOU, our wonderful clients, our passion regarding cutting edge skin care technology.  And we are passionate the entire Hylunia line, from the Super Moisturizing Facial Day Lotion (which contains a non-chemical sunscreen!), to their number one selling Beyond Complex C rejuvenating serum, to the miraculous Pure Hyaluronic Acid and Healing Restoring Cream (which has transformed one of our therapist’s sons plaguing eczema!)…we can’t say enough about how amazing the results of this stuff is.  Here is a little about Hylunia’s unique story and why we love and proudly carry Hylunia!  Stop on in and see us!

Message from Hylunia…

Hylunia was born out of a Father’s search for healthy and effective skin care for his child. As a … Read More »

Vitamin D is here…come and get it!

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Health benefits of UVB and Vitamin D

Most people have heard of Vitamin D and realize it’s naturally produced in the body when exposed to sunlight.  However few people understand how critical vitamin D is to good health.

For decades now, you have been warned that the sun is dangerous.  At best, you have been told it will wrinkle your skin and age you prematurely.  At worst – and it is a very grim worst case scenario indeed – you have been told you will greatly accelerate your risk of cancer.  You have been told that on a sunny day, you need to slather yourself with sunscreen, or a grim fate awaits you.

Sunbathing is now portrayed as a social evil.  It is considered evidence of poor health judgement, an activity that is comparable to smoking cigarettes and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. … Read More »

New Services…YOU want em!

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Hello Friends!  We ‘heard’ that you were up for some indulging…celebrating…the amazing you that you are.  So, we have added some incredible lucious services just with you in mind.  We are on an aloe kick here at Advanced Skin Care Center and Spa; think Aloe~the new black.  So basic, so timeless, so hot.   And, who says no to a 4 handed Tandem Massage?  We would love to see you soon, our blue velvet couch awaits!


This powerful combo will detoxify, hydrate, soothe, and refresh not only your skin (the largest organ) but your entire being.  Dry brushing will promote a healthier you by stimulating and increasing skin cell production, increase blood flow and circulation, and enhance detoxification through the skin.  The highest quality aloe vera will be used for the massage to enhance the purification … Read More »

We’re Bloggin…how Advanced!

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Happy New Year!  We invite you grab a cup of tea and sit back with our new blog for a few.  See what cool new services we are offering (Gel-ish nails, anyone?) and check out our amazing staff page too.  Perhaps you’ll learn about a modality or service you didn’t know your favorite Advanced Skin Care girl offered.  We hope to see you soon for your appointment with Carrie on the laser and perhaps you’ll have time to stay for a massage, facial or pedicure….or the works with our new Advanced Spa Packages!  Thought you’d like to hear more about those, here is what we are offering!


Whether you are looking to spend the day or just a couple of hours…we have just the package that will leave you restored, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Advanced Spa Package:  $205

This spa package is for … Read More »