The Chemical Peel deal

Chemical  peels are the modern day gold standard to great skin care.

But what are they exactly?  Chemicals on your face?  No, they are not harsh synthetic ingredients applied to your delicate skin to ‘burn it off’. They don’t even need to hurt if done properly. 


Chemical peels are treatments using natural ingredients, like extracts from sugar, willow bark, almond, milk, mushrooms, etc.   When  these extracts are placed on your skin a reaction occurs called a proteolitic enzyme decomposition.  This is when the dead skin is removed from the living skin.  The “acids” digest and dissolve the dead proteins and oils that bind the dead skin to the living skin.  Once the dead skin is removed…this process stimulates your body to make new skin cells!


There are two types of peels that you may have heard of.  An Alpha and a Beta peel.  Generally speaking the alpha peel goes deep into your skin and is water soluble and the Beta works on the upper layers of your skin and is oil soluble. We have 4 layers of dead skin cells that get in the way of smooth and healthy skin.


So how is it done?  Your skin care expert will consult with you about what goals you have for your skin, what you have been doing so far and what type of peel or peels work with your current lifestyle.


For instance, some  people have acne….this would most likely be treated by a salicylic peel that is oil soluble by nature.   Salicylic  (an extract of willow bark or spearmint) dissolves oil, so it is especially beneficial for those with active acne, and because it is a Beta peel working on the upper levels of the skin it is also great for fine lines and and dry skin.


Someone else may have large pores and an overall dull complexion, this is when a glycolic peel (an extract of sugar) gets the job done!  People often ask if it is going to get worse before it gets better, and in some cases (some peels) that may be true.  So if you’re  looking for instant success – a glycolic peel is what you’re after.


Here at Advanced Skin Care Center and Spa we do many more peels and use them interchangeably to achieve whatever goals you have.  Aging skin, acne, redness, brown spots, melasma, acne scarring, dull skin, irregular tone and texture are many skin care concerns we can address by using the selection of peels that we offer.  To name a few: glycolic, salicylic, jessner, mandelic, vitamin C, microdermabrasion, TCA.  Sometimes we combine peels to see desired results quicker.


As for ‘downtime’, there can be none or you could really peel for 3-5 days.  This  is why we consult with you, to come up with a plan that works just right – for YOU!


Chemical peels offer great results in a short time, for less money than some basic facials.  The price on our peels range from $40-$100.  Some people do a series of peels (4-6 in a row, every other week or so) or a peel a month to ensure the same cell turnover that we had when we were younger.  Or some people choose to do a peel ‘on occasion’, before an event or just when their skin feels ‘tired’.  This great degree of exfoliation  helps the skin care products that you use at home to work better since that pesky barrier of dead skin is removed, allowing great ingredients to penetrate the skin, like Vit C, hyaloronic acid, aloe, benzoyl peroxide.  Whatever you are using at home – it is sure to work better after a chemical peel!


Come in for a free consultation and see what a peel can do for your skin!


Be Well, Carrie

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